Hubbell dead end insulator

Hubbell dead end insulator is one main of suspension insulators in Hubbell for high voltage transmission and distribution lines.

Hubbell dead end insulator

Compared to Hubbell dead end insulator, the characteristics of Orient dead end insulator
◆ Made by porcelain or polymer, also called porcelain or polymer dead end insulator
◆ Thimble Clevises are used in conjunction with dead end insulators. The thimble is intended to provide a smooth internal contour to prevent stress concentration within the loop of a Dead-end.
◆ The Clevis includes a steel pin which links it through the eye of an insulator and secures it with a humpbacked cotter key.
◆ Color: grey, red
◆ Strength: 40kN, 70kN, 90kN, 120kN
◆ Voltage: 15kV, 25kV, 28kV, 35kV, 46kV, 52kV, 69KV.

Hubbell dead end insulator is usually made by silicone rubber. Orient dead end insulator includes ANSI 52-1disc suspension insulator, 52-2…..

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