Ceramic disc insulator,IEC U70BL ceramic disc insulator

Ceramic disc insulator according to IEC, ANSI and other standards are used in substations and related switching equipment. IEC U70BL ceramic disc insulator is one main type insulator in our company.

They are produced in single piece up to 2300mm and can operate voltages up to 1000KV in stacked configuration. Ceramic disc insulators are subjected to compression, cantilever and torsional loads during service
IEC U70BL ceramic disc insulator parameters:

Insulator technical description unit value
Unit spacing H mm 146
Dia.D mm 255
Leakage distance mm 295
Rated E&M failing load KN 70
Routine tension load KN 35
Impact failing load N.m 6
Wet power freq. withstand voltage KV 40
Lightning impluse withstand voltage KV 100
RIV Test voltage to ground KV 10
Power freq.Puncture voltage KV 110

 IEC U70BL ceramic disc insulator                          ceramic disc insulator
 IEC U70BL ceramic disc insulator                                 ceramic disc insulator            

IEC U70BL Ceramic disc insulator:
Available for any voltage and contamination level by changing number of suspension insulators
Mechanical strength up to 70kN
High reliability through accumulated technology
Excellent long-term performance

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