Suspension insulators,IEC U70C suspension insulators

Suspension insulators manufacturing facilities located in China. Each facility is ISO 9001-2008 certified and is ruled by the same quality assurance programs and organization. This ensures that all IEC U70C suspension insulators are manufactured with the same design, following the same methods and procedures, in order to supply IEC U70C suspension insulators to our clients, worldwide, with the same level of high quality.
Centralized technical resources located in China, including Research and Development and Customer Technical Support as well as high voltage laboratories.

suspension insulators                        IEC U70C suspension insulators
        suspension insulators                                   IEC U70C suspension insulators

A large and widespread commercial network ensured timely assistance to customers in the execution of their projects.
IEC U70C suspension insulators parameters:

Insulator technical description unit value
Unit spacing H mm 127
Dia.D mm 255
Leakage distance mm 295
Rated E&M failing load KN 70
Routine tension load KN 35
Impact failing load N.m 6
Wet power freq. withstand voltage KV 40
Lightning impluse withstand voltage KV 100
RIV Test voltage to ground KV 10
Power freq.Puncture voltage KV 110

IEC U70C suspension insulators are one type of the ceramic suspension insulators another said is ceramic disc insulators.

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