Suspension insulators,IEC composite suspension insulator

IEC Composite suspension Insulator combines the technologies of fiberglass reinforced rod, metal fittings and our extensive knowledge of elastomeric insulation to produce high quality suspension insulators.

Composite insulation possesses unique properties. It is the fastest growing, and most dominant polymeric insulation material for high voltage products. The installation of high voltage apparatus with composite insulation, for example suspension insulators, surge arresters, bushing and so on, is increasing all the time.

Orient Power IEC composite suspension insulators are used in power transmission and distribution systems from 10kV to 1,000 kV for example as suspension and tension insulator with more 1,000,000 units in service.

composite suspension insulator                  polymer suspension insulator

IEC composite suspension insulator design:
Unibody Design IEC composite suspension insulators are one-piece injection molded directly to the rod and sealed to the end fittings with a bead of silicone to give the insulator high dielectric strength and protect it from all environmental conditions. This design is used for standard distribution composite deadend insulator and IEC composite suspension insulator.

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