suspension insulators,IEC suspension insulators

IEC suspension insulators are the international standard suspension insulators. Suspension insulators can be used on cable pole line.

IEC Suspension insulators laboratory and research facilities:
IEC suspension insulator is commonly called ceramic suspension insulator. Composite suspension insulator parameters no clear rules in IEC standard.
Material science is present at every angle of suspension insulators technology. Beyond more traditional mechanical and electrical testing facilities for which Orient Power has full testing equipment available either in the factory laboratories or, at a larger scale, in our Research Centre in China, Orient Power has also implemented state of the art material testing capabilities.

porcelain suspension insulator                          porcelain IEC suspension insulator
     porcelain suspension insulator                         porcelain IEC suspension insulator

IEC suspension insulators hardware:
IEC suspension insulators used special steel manufacturing hardware, hardware end using labyrinth design principle, multi-layer protection, sealed performance is good, and the most critical problem solved the insulator - interface electric breakdown. Connecting the hardware with the mandrel adopts the most advanced computer control coaxial constant pressure welding technology, and equipped with automatic flaw detection system, the acoustic emission to ensure the stability and reliability of connecting the hardware with the mandrel.

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