Insulation materials

 Insulation materials have many types, for example:

CERAMIC: Ceramics are used to fabricate insulators, components, and circuit boards. The good electrical insulating properties are complemented by the high thermal conductivity. These include Alumina and others.

Insulation materials

EPOXY/FIBERGLASS: This laminate is quite common due to its superior strength and excellent electrical properties even in humid environment. Most modern circuit boards are made from a grade of epoxy/fiberglass. (Grades include G10/FR4 and G11/FR5 extended temperature grade.)

FEP: is a relatively soft thermoplastic with lower tensile strength, wear resistance, and creep resistance than many other engineering plastics. However, FEP is chemically inert and has a low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. FEP possesses a very high degree of stress crack resistance, a low coefficient of friction, exceptional dielectric properties, heat resistance.

Insulation materials have superior toughness and wear-resistance.


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