Insulator end fitting

Insulator end fitting can be divided into insulator spindle/pin, disc insulator hardware fittings, flange, insulator cap etc. and made from stainless steel, aluminum alloy and forged steel etc.

Insulator end fitting

The materials of Insulator end fittings
◆ Aluminum alloy
◆ Forged steel
◆ Stainless steel
◆ Iron, ductile iron etc.

The types of Insulator end fittings
◆ Insulator spindle/pin
◆ Suspension insulator fittings: socket &ball, clevis & tongue, Y-clevis & eye, eye & eye
◆ Post insulator fittings: flange
◆ Line post and pin post insulator: insulator studs etc.

Insulator end fittings connect the insulator and conductors or wires for supporting insulator and wires. Insulator end fitting is also usually used with other fittings, such as suspension clamps, strain clamps and yoke plates and so on.

Insulator end fittings include nuts and bolts connecting the insulator or cross arms stability.


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