Insulator manufacturer in china

Orient Power is a leader suspension insulator manufacturer in china, we main produce composite suspension insulator, line post insulator, pin type insulator, railway insulator and so on.

suspension insulator              polymer suspension insulator

Polymer suspension Insulator manufacturer in china tests:
Polymer suspension insulator body composition developed over the years ensures excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. Suspension Insulators heads are subjected to a full series of type tests such as Impulse and Power Frequency Tests, Temperature Cycle Test, Mechanical (cantilever) test, Puncture Test & Porosity Test. Full quality control is exercised at all stages of manufacture. Some of the tests conducted on all polymer suspension insulators during manufacture are crack detection before firing, high frequency high voltage test besides routine electrical test at power frequency, in addition, porosity and temperature cycle tests are conducted for each batch of manufacture.

Specifications of Insulator manufacturer in china:
Above the paragraph main introduces polymer suspension insulators tests, which explanation insulator specifications. Orient Power design composite suspension insulator according to customers requirements or following ANSI, IEC etc. international electrical standards.

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