Insulator manufacturer

As a professional Insulator manufacturer in China, Orient Power has the all set of insulator production and independent laboratory.

Insulator manufacturer


There are many Insulator manufacturers in China, they mainly produce
◆ Porcelain insulators, these Insulator manufacturers distribute the south of China
◆ Polymer insulators, these Insulator manufacturers distribute in Guangzhou and Hebei
◆ Glass insulators, these insulator manufacturers distribute in Nanjing

Each type insulator has disadvantages and advantages made by Insulator manufacturer. The disadvantages of polymer insulator, compared to porcelain and glass insulator
◆ High mechanical strength of High voltage insulator is difficultly to design
◆ Over crimping in end fittings may result to cracks in the core which leads to mechanical failure of polymer insulator
◆ Shorter service term
◆ Moisture may enter in the core if there is any unwanted gap between core and weather sheds. This may cause electrical failure of the insulator
◆ Easy to destroy by animals

But polymer insulator can be used any pollution level areas for supporting and insulating because of its self-cleaning performance.

Orient Power is one of polymer Insulator manufacturers producing all type of polymer insulators, such as suspension insulator.


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