Insulator price list

Insulator price list will be given by insulator manufacturers, if you want to buy one type insulator from an insulator manufacturer. Suspension insulators for high voltage are one main type of insulator, which are produced by Orient Power.

composite suspension insulator              porcelain suspension insulator

Insulator price list is different according to the end fittings of suspension insulator
Suspension insulator includes 6 types in the light of end fittings. Each connectivity type has its own insulator price list. For example, Ball and socket porcelain disc suspension insulator own itself price.

The way of type suspension insulator is different, such as 220KV suspension insulator for high voltage can be used on overhead line with 200KV voltage to support and insulate wire. 220KV suspension insulator price is different with 110KV.

Suspension insulator for high voltage formations:
Composite suspension insulators for high voltage structure are inner core, housing and sheds, end fittings, which is suitable for power plant facilities. Inner core has very high tensile strength. Meanwhile, suspension insulators for high voltage have high mechanical strength, shocking resistance and designs requirements for service life at least 30 to 50 years.

Suspension insulator formation and performance can decide the insulator price, we should have detail insulator price list. 

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