Insulator prices

Insulators buyers are most concerned about the insulator prices. This website mainly talks about suspension insulators which are made by porcelain or composite. Suspension insulator is one kind of the insulators used on overhead power line.

porcelain suspension Insulator              composite suspension Insulator

Suspension insulator inclusions:
Composite suspension insulator consists of FRP core, silicone rubber shed, housing and hardware fittings.
◆ Porcelain suspension insulator consists of porcelain unit, insulator pin or spindle.

Compared with composite suspension insulator is lighter than porcelain suspension insulator, easily to install; and has anti-pollution ability and can be used heavy pollution area. FRP core can be made of hot-dip galvanized steel with high tensile strength. But porcelain suspension insulator has longer term life than composite suspension insulator.

These two insulator prices are not sure, because the different performance of insulator. Orient Power manufactures this type insulator, the insulator voltage can upto 1000KV.

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