Insulator sets for transmission lines

Insulator sets for transmission lines, have a reasonable through-flow density, wires are at a high potential. In order to reduce power consumption and electromagnetic interference caused by corona discharge, the wire also having a large radius of curvature.

Insulator sets for transmission lines

Insulator sets for transmission lines, Compared with the underground transmission line, overhead line construction of low cost, short construction period, easy repair and maintenance. Therefore, overhead transmission lines are the main way of transmission power industry development since adopted. By overhead lines to power plants, substations, load points connecting different areas, transfer or exchange of electricity, pose a variety of voltage levels of the power network or distribution network.

HV and EHV overhead lines and urban power supply with overhead lines, due to land use, limiting the natural environment and urban construction and other conditions, is not easy to open up the line corridor, it is often difficult to line construction, has become an obstacle for the development of overhead transmission lines.

Insulator sets for transmission lines, overhead lines primarily used to prevent attacks suffered accidents caused by lightning, which together with the grounding effect from lightning. Insulator strings are connected in series by a single suspension insulator is made, the need to meet the dielectric strength and mechanical strength requirements.


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