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Orient Power is one of leading suspension insulator suppliers in China, mainly produces ANSI suspension insulators, IEC suspension insulators, BS insulator or customers’ drawing.

suspension insulator

suspension insulator

According to the international standards, suspension insulators have
ANSI standard: ANSI 52-1, ANSI 52-2, ANSI 52-3, ANSI 52-4, ANSI 52-5, ANSI 52-6, ANSI 52-8, ANSI 52-9A
IEC standard: U70BS, U70BL, U70C, U100BL, U120B, U160BS, U210B, U300B, U530B, XHP-70, XHP-120

There are many insulator suppliers in China, Orient Power supplies suspension insulator made by porcelain and composite materials, also known as composite suspension insulator and porcelain disc suspension insulator.

Orient Power own 30 year experience for porcelain disc suspension insulator, the suspension insulator price is competitive. If you want to buy this type insulator, please contact us. 

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