Insulators for sale

As a professional suspension insulator manufacturer, Orient Power produces insulators for sale, such as suspension insulator, tension insulator, guy strain insulator and so on.

polymer suspension insulator             porcelain disc suspension insulator

How suspension insulators for sale?
◆Introduce disc suspension insulators size, such as its technic parameters
◆Introduce disc suspension insulators price, high quality, high price or low quality, low price
◆Introduce disc suspension insulators materials, porcelain, polymer or glass
◆Introduce disc suspension insulators voltage range, 10kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 110kV and so on.
◆Especially, must understand the culture where your customers live.

About suspension insulators for sale
Orient standard suspension insulators with high mechanical and electrical strength are designed to meet the most modern demands for distribution line usage today.

The disk-shaped insulators domestic, also known as disk-shaped suspension insulators, simply known as suspension insulators, is the most commonly used and the most important one polymer or porcelain suspension insulator. For rated voltages above 1000kV, frequency does not exceed 100Hz ac overhead power lines, substations and electric railway catenary used for insulation and fixed wire.

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