Insulators union

Insulator manufacturers gradually become insulators union, more and more insulator supplier cooperate win-win relationship.

porcelain suspension insulator              composite suspension insulator

In accordance with the standards IEC, ANSI, CSA and other certifications we manufacture single-component series for disc suspension insulators up to a length of 90 inches and voltage levels up to 1000 kV.

Some company of insulators union does set of suspension insulators testing. Suspension insulators are usually carried out on a small number of insulators and only once for a new design or manufacturing process of insulator and then subsequently repeated only when the design or manufacturing process is change. This way is also called sample test.

Suspension insulators of insulators union voltage and strength:
The suspension type insulators have available for any voltage and contamination level by changing number of insulators, Mechanical strength up to 530kN. High in performance and functionality, the suspension insulators have been designed for applications up to system voltages of 1000 kV.

Positive locking of both types is attained by using a humped-type cotter key to prevent unintentional uncoupling during service or handling.Suspension insulators of insulators union have composite suspension insulator, porcelain disc suspension insulator, glass suspension insulator and so on.

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