LV & HV pintype insulators

LV & HV pintype insulators distributed by Orient Power are designed and manufactured with both economy and the installer in mind, porcelain pin type insulators are popular pin insulators.

The glazed for porcelain LV & HV pintype insulators has some advantages
◆ The LV & HV pintype insulators’ exterior is coated in a high-quality glaze, making sure to shed water and keep dirt and other pollutants from adhering
◆ This allows for a requirement of little-to-no maintenance
◆ Any metal used in the manufacture of the post will not corrode or deteriorate

The application of LV & HV pintype insulators
◆ Pin type insulators are composed into a shape that allows the wire and its physical support to be separated, while securing the conductor to itself.
◆ This can be accomplished by tying the conductor and indicator together, by creating an inductor with grooves to ensure it doesn’t slip, or, if heavy enough, gravity can hold the conductor in place.

Below are images of LV & HV porcelain pintype insulators

LV & HV pintype insulators

If you want to need LV & HV pintype insulators, you can visit and contact Orient Power to gain more information, such as insulator price.


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