List of electrical insulators

Sometimes, Orient Power can make list of electrical insulators for the clients. The clients can more clear understanding our electrical insulators by the list.

electrical insulator             suspension insulator

The type of list of electrical insulators according to materials:
◆ Porcelain insulator: made from ceramic
◆ Polymer insulator: made from silicone rubber
◆ Glass insulator: made from glass
◆ Plastic insulator: made from HDPE

The type of list of electrical insulators according to application:
Disc Suspension insulators
◆ Line post insulators
◆ Pin insulators
◆ Pin post insulators
◆ Crossarm insulators
◆ Railway insulators
◆ Hollow bushing insulators

We can also make the insulator technical parameters. Such as the properties of ANSI 52-3 porcelain disc suspension insulator have mechanical strength, rated voltage, creepage distance, arcing distance and so on.

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