Long-rod insulators,surge arresters

Silicone Long-rod insulators are used from 10kv to 1000kv, surge arresters also used with electrical equipment, such as transformers and drop fuse cutout insulators.

Silicone long-rod insulators include suspension and tension insulators or post and railway insulators. Surge arrester consists of insulation parts, fittings and core.

Advantages of using silicone s in Long-rod insulators, surge arresters
Silicones have been used in longrod insulators for more than 50 years on account of their high weathering resistance and good tracking and erosion resistance. Further advantages include:
• Long service life
Silicone rubbers have excellent hydrophobic properties and outstanding resistance to temperature, UV radiation and ozone.
• Low weight
Long-rod insulators weigh up to 80 percent less than conventional porcelain and glass insulators. This facilitates installation in challenging locations, for example in mountainous regions.
• Good impact and shock resistance
The flexibility of silicone insulating materials reduces the risk of breakage during transport and installation. Failure as the result of vandalism is rare.
• High flashover resistance at high pollution
The surface hydrophobicity of silicones provides long-lasting protection against leakage currents and flashovers, even if the surface is very dirty. In such situations, this increases the reliability of the power supply, for example in industrial, coastal and desert regions and for railways.
• Low maintenance costs
Due to the transfer of hydrophobic properties, the water-repelling effect is maintained even if the surface is dirty, which means that the insulators do not need regular cleaning

Design principle of long rod insulators

Composite GRP silicone elastomer long-rod insulator: the insulating materials’ beneficial properties complement each other perfectly in a lightweight, durable and thus environmentally sound product.

Manufacture and Processing of Long-Rod Insulators/surge arresters
These insulating parts are produced by applying a silicone housing onto the glass-fiber-reinforced epoxy resin or the active part of the surge arrester.
• Manufacturing process
Injection molding, low-pressure filling of the mold (casting), modular“shed by shed” process
• Grades
The choice of product – solid silicone rubber (HCR), extraliquid systems) or LSR – depends on the manufacturing process.


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