Low tension shackle insulators

Low tension shackle insulators are used widely in the power system. we can see it in lots of situation. sometimes, we will confuse shackle insulator and strain insulator.

Low tension shackle insulators

However , compared to strain insulator, low tension shackle insulators are designed to support lower voltages. According to the installation ways, we can see the insulators are single, round ceramic parts. It usually mounted horizontally or vertically on the cross arm.
In the past times, strain insulator and low tension shackle insulators can use in same situation.

Nowadays, these two things are called low voltage insulators and frequently used in horizontally or vertically situation. The installation process is simple, just fixed to the pole with a bolt. Finally, we fixed it on the cross arm.

Low tension shackle insulators has an axial mounting hole for fixing it


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