Medium voltage insulators

Medium voltage insulators the application areas of our medium voltage insulators are versatile.

Medium voltage insulators

Medium voltage insulators Production method:
Wet method
In accordance with standard C130: high-strength alumina porcelain
Glaze colors: Brown RAL 8017 <br/>and Grey ANSI 70, special color Green
Silicone coating of insulators as per customer specification

Manufactured in accordance with the standards:
IEC 60433
IEC 60383
IEC 60672
EN 50119

Use in industry-specific solutions:
Device and plant construction
Railway electrification
Medium voltage transformers
Distribution networks

Medium voltage insulators offer a wide product range in the low and medium voltage range for the use of 10 kV–100 kV. Our production range includes e.g. insulator bushings, cable supports and chain, transformer and railway insulators.


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