Orient Power Composite Insulator

 Composite Insulators Product Structure

Orient Power Composite Insulators are composed of FRP rod, silicone rubber shed and metal fitting. We use the complete injection technology to solve the problem of interface electric puncture which highly affect the reliability of composite insulator. To connect the fitting and the core rod, we adopt the crimping technology. We have full automatic sound wave detection testing system. The advantage of the composite insulator are high mechanical strength, beautiful surface, small volume and light weight. It can be exchange with porcelain insulator used in different area.

Analyze Orient Power Composite Insulator:

1. The design of shed of composite insulator adopted unique aerodynamics principle.

2. The shed and sheath of composite insulator adopted the whole moulding technique.

3. Composite insulator sheath thickness≥3mm, accord with the IEC international standard.

4. Orient Power Composite Insulator adopt ECR Core rod.

5. Orient Power Composite Insulator adopt the unique notch design of metal fitting & same thickness of notch, prevent top end discharge.

6. Orient Power Composite Insulator adopt international advanced crimping technique for metal fitting connection.

7. The end seal of Orient Power Composite Insulator adopted the high temperature sulfuration high pressure seal technique, to achieve the aim of three-protection, to ensure the end seal of metal fitting is reliable performance.

8. The galvanizing coat of metal fitting adopt the technique of rare earth aluminum hot galvanizing, to avoid the zinc coat drop out during crimping.

Orient Power Composite Insulator


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