Outdoor insulators

Outdoor insulators have an important function as vital equipment in overhead transmission lines and substations.

Outdoor insulators

Outdoor insulators as outdoor applications are greatly influenced by the action of environmental parameters. They are always suffering from severe conditions such as surge lightning, electrical stresses, pollution and dust. In this case, a flashover can occur even though operations are under the normal voltage stress and often followed by a long duration power outage. Consequently, the influence of pollution and electrical stresses are vital parameters to be considered in order to maintain the power quality a transmission line.

According to insulator usage, outdoor insulators include:
◆ suspension insulator
◆ line post insulator
◆ pin insulator
◆ bushing insulator
◆ Post insulator etc.

According to insulator application, outdoor insulators include:
◆ Station post insulator
◆ Transmission line insulator
◆ Distribution line insulator
◆ Pole line insulator
◆ Transformer bushing insulator

Outdoor insulators consist of overhead power lines and polymer materials.


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