Overhead lines support

Overhead lines support is supporting overhead line conductors and insulators having various types, such as electrical poles and towers and transformers.

Overhead lines support

Electrical poles are one of Overhead lines support in distribution systems, can be divided into
◆ Wooden poles
◆ Iron poles
◆ Steel poles
◆ RCC poles etc.

Low voltage and medium voltage insulators are normally used on electrical poles for supporting and insulating wires and conductors.

Electrical towers are one of Overhead lines support, supporting two high voltage conductors and insulators.

The features of Overhead lines support
◆ High mechanical strength to withstand the weight of conductors, wind loads and other assemblies
◆ Economical to maintain
◆ Long service life

You can see Overhead lines support everywhere in our lives. If you are interested in this products, you can visit Orient Power websites.


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