Polymer braced post insulators

Polymer braced post insulators consist of glass fiber epoxy primer Stubbs rods, silicone rubber shed, fitting with three parts.

Polymer braced post insulators

Polymer braced post insulators have high mechanical strength, not easily damaged. It applies to polluted areas, high mechanical tensile load, large span and compact transmission line.

post insulator flashover voltage increased by 30% -50% higher than the same level of porcelain and glass insulators.-60--+200 degrees at ambient temperature stable performance. And having excellent electrical properties, high mechanical strength, internal bearing epoxy glass rods with Stubbs tensile bending strength is 2 times higher than ordinary steel, is 8 to 10 times higher strength ceramic materials, effectively improve the reliability of safe operation.

Polymer braced post insulators of different types have different functions, polymer braced post insulators mainly used in substations.


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