Polymer insulator manufacturers

In the world, there are many polymer insulator manufacturers, how to choose the manufacturer? How to understand the manufacturers? I can give some suggestion for you.

Polymer insulator manufacturer             suspension insulator

There are thousands of insulator manufacturers, and they focus on different types, such as some insulator manufacturers mainly produce disc suspension insulators, and some can only make several models of one insulator type. Most customers face so many manufacturers, they are losing their way.

Firstly, where the factories of polymer insulator manufacturers are?
• Popular porcelain insulators manufacturers in China
• The leader polymer insulators manufacturers in the world

Secondly, how many types of polymer suspension insulator manufacturers in world?
• Low quality, low price
• Middle quality, a little higher price
• Good quality, high price
• Best quality, much higher price

If you require a high insulator appearance, you should choose a middle class factory, if you require higher voltage such as 400kv composite suspenison insulator and above, or you need high strength above 160KN, you should choose a good manufacturer, sometimes should be a famous factory. But for polymer insulator, a normal factory can supply until 500kv insulator.

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