Polymer insulator manufacturing process

Polymer insulator manufacturing process is very important step when product the polymer insulator.

Polymer insulator manufacturing process

Silicone rubber process:
Because of the long term involvement in silicone rubber processing for electrical applications, Orient power has adopted and developed a number of process technologies to meet market requirements for special applications with smaller volumes and bulk volumes for highly standardized types of insulators. The processes and silicone rubber grades used can be distinguished as the below picture. The optimization of the material properties and the related process parameters are carried out on carefully analysis of the feedback from service. The results clearly show that housings made from HTV silicone rubber are to be preferred.

Injection moulding process:
The high viscosity of the preferred HTV silicone rubber system requires high pressure injection moulding.

Modular system process:
The modular principle was invented in the early sixties and has been continuously perfected since then. It combines the advantages of the HTV silicone rubber technology with the high flexibility of easy adaptation to specific insulator dimensions.

ACIM process:
The automated continuous injection moulding is a highly advanced process for manufacturing silicone rubber composite insulators.

Sealing process
Testing process


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