Polymeric electrical insulators

Orient Power polymeric electrical insulators provide robust, light weight designs for pantograph, busbar, electrical systems and equipment supports. Polymeric Insulators are available for ac and dc systems.

Polymeric electrical insulators

Orient Power manufactures the electrical insulators with high voltage insulation materials and well-proven polymer or glass fibre cores, which are combined to make insulators that are easy to install and completely reliable in the harsh rail environment. Such as disc suspension insulators or other type insulators consist of fiberglass resin core rod, polymeric housing, sheds and metal fittings.

The key features of polymeric electrical insulators
◆ Light weight and easy to handle compared to conventional ceramic alternatives
◆ Impact resistant and virtually unbreakable due to the use of polymeric materials
◆ Standard designs available but can be custom designed for specific applications
◆ Special applications such as air-feed insulators are available
◆ Reliability demonstrated by over 20 years-service history on high speed trains

If you want to buy Polymeric electrical insulators, please contact us. We also produce some composite insulators, such as composite suspension insulator, line post insulator etc.

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