Polymeric insulator manufacturers india

There are some polymeric insulator manufacturers, porcelain insulator manufacturers, glass insulator manufacturers and Polymeric insulator manufacturers india as well as other countries.

Polymeric insulator


Goldstone Infratech Limited (GIL) is one of Polymeric insulator manufacturers india, main products have
◆ Polymeric railway insulator
◆ Polymeric or polymer suspension insulator
◆ Polymeric line post insulator
◆ LV and MV ceramic insulator and composite insulator

The polymeric insulator properties have
◆ Resistance to flashovers in Polluted atmosphere.
◆ Resistance to puncture
◆ Resistance to Tracking and Erosion in Polluted atmosphere
◆ Contamination & Pollution
◆ Hydrophobicity
◆ Resistance to breakage and Vandalism

You can search more Polymeric insulator manufacturers india by google or other search engine. For example input disc suspension insulators in india.

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