Porcelain insulator types

Porcelain insulator types can be divided in to three kinds, we will talk about them detail in this essay.

high voltage insulator             low voltage insulator

Porcelain insulator types according to voltage range:
High voltage insulator, medium voltage insulator and low voltage insulator

Porcelain insulator types according to usage:
Porcelain suspension insulator, pin type insulator, pin post insulator, line post type insulator, station post insulator, cross arm insulator, hollow bushing insulator and electrical railway insulator.

Porcelain insulator types according to application:
Substation insulators for station, electrical insulators for electrical system, porcelain electrical fence insulator for insulation wire

This website mainly told us the disc suspension insulators and end fittings connection types. The disc suspension insulator can be made of ceramic, polymer and glass of a porcelain insulator types.

About porcelain disc suspension insulator properties:
Large a double sheds stain insulators creepage distance
Skirt edges smooth inside and outside without fouling rate is low
Weatherproof self-cleaning performance
Bell-type stain suspension insulators wet umbrella within a different period and high edges Suppress the discharge under the umbrella antifouling properties
The Strawhat stain suspension insulator disc diameter
Generally on the top of the suspension insulators string
Has a good effect to prevent bird damage and penetrating icing

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