Porcelain long rod insulators

Porcelain long rod insulators are commonly used on transmission lines in Middle Europe, while cap and pin insulators are applied here relatively seldom.

Porcelain long rod insulators

Insulators with simple flat profile (aerodynamic type) behave better in desert conditions where airborne pollution and wetting as condensation prevails. On the other hand the insulators with complicated shape (anti-fog type) behave better at the see shore, where pollution in the form of small drops impact dominates.

At a given insulator height H the FOV is proportional to the leakage distance in limited scale only. When the ratio of leakage distance to insulator height is too large, the arc bridging effect lowers the efficiency of leakage distance. It is known that different pollution conditions require different insulator profiles.

Porcelain long rod insulators is generally similar, it consists of a trunk or shank with periodically situated sheds.


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