Porcelain stay insulators

 Porcelain stay insulators are also called guy strain insulator and stain insulator used low voltage distribution power lines for supporting and insulating.

Below 10kv distribution lines used reinforced concrete poles for overhead lines. Some problems of porcelain stay insulators
◆ Currently, there are some lines installed strain insulators between the wires through the pull line.
◆ Some will be low voltage level tension insulators installed in a high voltage level to pull the line.
◆ Some people mistakenly believe that, due to the cable anchors buried 1m deep, and even occasionally even electricity, pull the line does not show voltage.

Different porcelain stay insulators shall be installed in suitable position.
◆ Some low voltage stay insulator used on pole lines
◆ Some high voltage stay insulator used high tension power lines
◆ Sometimes, stay insulator can be used on crane for insulation

Porcelain stay insulators should be used for suitable position for insulating and supporting, and consisting porcelain units and used with ground fittings.


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