Porcelain strut insulators

Porcelain strut insulators are very important in today’s transmission line. Porcelain strut insulator is not like porcelain suspension insulators, they are rigid assemblies which can take both tension and compression loads. Porcelain strut insulators can hold conductors away from supporting transmission towers in unique ways.

Porcelain strut insulators

Transmission line voltage can up to 500kV voltage, people also use porcelain strut insulator to hold the conductors. They have several advantages compare with conventional construction. The conductors positioned by means of horizontal struts, wind load are taken through the crossarm,

People also through the use of porcelain strut insulators to converted to higher voltage in older transmission lines. Additional suspension insulators are added to the vertical string and a strut with electrical characteristics equivalent to the new string length is positioned between the structure and conductor to increase the insulator level.

Porcelain strut insulator can provide ideal control insulators for long jumpers for the dead-end towers or substations, while suspension insulator can not meet this requirement, Porcelain strut insulators are completely bolted assemblies so they can eliminate loose hardware.

Porcelain strut insulators have many available colors for customers, brown glazed, white glazed, light gray glazed and dark gray glazed.


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