Porcelain suspension insulator for 900mm creepage distance

Orient is a specialist in insulators with a 30 year history of experience and development in this kind of Porcelain suspension insulator for 900mm creepage distance for overhead transmission lines and railway applications.

Orient makes one of the widest ranges of ANSI approved Ball–Socket and Clevis type distribution porcelain suspension insulators for overhead distribution systems in the world. In accordance with the standards IEC, ANSI, CSA and other certifications we manufacture single-component series up to a length of 90 inches and voltage levels up to 1000 kV.

Porcelain suspension insulator

They withstand weights of double digit tons over several decades and thus ensure the safe transportation of energy and power supply across hundreds of miles: our porcelain suspension insulators for 900mm creepage distance.

Our Porcelain suspension insulator for 900mm creepage distance from the latest high performance ceramics have been in use for many decades in electrical towers and stations platforms. Orient Power comprises a manual of test methods to be followed in making tests to determine the characteristics of porcelain suspension insulator for 900mm creepage distance electrical insulators.

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