Suspension insulators,Porcelain suspension insulators

Porcelain suspension insulators are one of suspension insulators with high quality and best price, which include better creepage distance and anti-pollution.

Porcelain suspension insulators marking:
Markings for porcelain suspension insulators are permanently embossed into the end fittings and porcelain shells. Markings include SML rating, date of manufacture, DS rating in accordance with ANSI 52 series and IEC standards, and China identification.

Porcelain suspension insulator                 ceramic suspension insulator

Porcelain suspension insulators parking:
The standard packaging of porcelain suspension insulators is in boxes stacked on pallets. The quantity per box and pallet vary based on the catalog number.

Porcelain suspension insulators test:
Porcelain suspension insulators routine test is based on ANSI 52 series, IEC series, and BS standard, which is the main international standard for suspension insulator routine test, and porcelain suspension insulator routine test. The mechanical tension load applied at the factory to each suspension insulator for ten seconds.

For further information on our porcelain suspension insulators, ask your Orient Power representative for the servicer.

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