Silicone rubber composite insulator suppliers

As one of professional silicone rubber composite insulator suppliers, Orient manufactures suspension insulators, line post insulators, pin post insulators, pin type insulators, railway insulators and station post insulators and so on.

Compared with other silicone rubber composite insulator suppliers in China, the advantages of Orient insulators
◆ Rich experiences for manufacturing composite insulator, such as composite suspension insulator.
◆ Competitive price
◆ Independent laboratory
◆ Experts for research insulator

Orient Power bases itself upon high starting-point, high quality, high Level, carries out ISO9001 Quality Management System comprehensively, have established complete Quality Guarantee System for silicone rubber composite insulator. Orient has advanced Researching and Developing, Testing, Produce machines and also has a strong engineering technology team which established the steady foundation of guaranteeing the quality of silicone rubber suspension insulators.

Once you have decided which composite insulators will work best to accommodate your needs, please click our “service on line” link, and fill in the information required. One of our services representatives will be glad to assist you as soon as we receive your information. For additional information on Orient Power and any of the world-class porcelain insulators and bushings we offer.

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