Silicone rubber electrical insulator

The Silicone rubber electrical insulator for Overhead Lines is a world-wide using trend toward replacing ceramic and glass insulators that are lighter in weight, as well as being superior in pollution withstand voltage characteristics and resistance to impact. Such composite suspension insulator can replace porcelain suspension insulators.

Silicone rubber electrical insulator

The properties of silicone rubber electrical insulator
The weathershed of insulator can be used in across most of the country – from the low temperature in the far northwest to the lush green hills in tropical southeast.

Silicone rubber electrical insulators can effectively prevent pollution flashover outage and free from cleaning maintenance work with a very small size, they can take the place of porcelain or glass insulators.

The advantages of silicone rubber electrical insulators
◆ They are hydrophobic and do not allow the accumulation of water on their surface, thus preventing surface currents and flashovers.
◆ Their light weight enables easy fitment with smaller cranes and increased clearance distance between conductor and the ground. Silicone rubber suspension insulators can be more easily installed than porcelain insulator.
◆ Their higher mechanical strength enables transmission towers to be placed at longer spans.

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