Silicone rubber insulators

A number of silicone rubber insulators have been examined following 15 years of service on a coastal 1000 kV transmission line in the Orient Power. High voltage insulators include disc suspension insulators, hollow bushing insulators and station post insulators.

Silicone rubber insulator
Silicone rubber insulator

The properties of silicone rubber insulators
◆ Extensive measurements of their hydrophobicity, as determined by contact angle, are given along with a description of their appearance.
◆ The hydrophobicity change varied from the low voltage end to the high voltage end with the lowest contact angles being found in the middle of the string. The sheds also aged differently around their circumference and this was reflected in discoloration differences on different sides of the insulator, in addition to hydrophobicity changes. Generally, porcelain disc suspension insulator is used by strings.
◆ The greatest change to properties was witnessed on the core of the insulators on which contact angles of less than 70 degrees were recorded

Silicone is the one of the most widely used polymer in insulation, coating, and rubber materials in the high voltage insulation. Silicone rubber insulators are one main of silicone products for high voltage transmission lines. Silicone rubber suspension insulator is common insulator in electrical systems.

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