Socket porcelain disc suspension insulator

Socket porcelain disc suspension insulator is a main type of porcelain disc suspension insulator. Porcelain disc suspension insulators have clevis, tongue and so on.

All Orient Power ball and socket suspension insulators can be equipped with laggard sleeves where end fittings corrosion has been or is expected to be a problem. Serious end fittings corrosion can result from electrolytic action with the most severe activity apparently related to areas having high levels of contamination. Corrosion can take place totally outside of the cement which results solely in loss of pin cross-section and hence mechanical strength. Or it can take place inside the cement causing bursting pressure to the porcelain shell with subsequent catastrophic electrical and mechanical failure.

porcelain disc suspension insulator                   Socket porcelain disc suspension insulator
        porcelain disc suspension insulator       Socket porcelain disc suspension insulator

The laggard sleeve is high purity zinc that is cast on to the suspension insulators prior to assembly. It too will corrode in service at approximately the same rate as the steel in the hardware, but until the zinc is consumed, no corrosion of the steel can occur. Additionally, the zinc oxidizes without residue, and cannot build up the larger expansion volume in the manner of rusted steel. Therefore, it is impossible for a laggard protected insulator porcelain shell to be subjected to corrosion-caused hoop stress damage.

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