Specifications for polymer pin insulator

Orient power can produce different voltages polymer pin insulator according to customer’s request, and the specifications for polymer pin insulator has:
10KV,20kv,China class
11KV/12KV, 22KV/24KV, 33KV/36KV,IEC standard
15KV, 25KV, 35KV, ANSI standard

Specifications for polymer pin insulator

Polymer pin insulator is widely used to high voltage power line to support conductor and insulate from ground.

Structure of polymer pin insulator:
Core: Using high strength reinforced epoxy resin rod
Sheds: HTV silicone rubber, high temperature integration pressing and has good sealing ability and high grade of anti-dust, maintenance free and so on.
End fittings: hot dip malleable cast iron

Main tests for polymer pin insulator:
Type test
Routine test
Acceptance test

Processing method for polymer pin insulator:
mould pressing

For Orient Power polymer pin insulator is using mold pressing which this way both economic and can easily meet the technic request.
Orient power polymer pin insulator strength usually has: 6kN, 8kN, 10kN, 12.5kN

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