Splice protection sleeves

Splice protection sleeves offers a wide selection of fiber protection sleeves to meet any application. Its lasting protection of single fiber splices in field installations.

Splice protection sleeves

Splice Protection Sleeves, series are specially designed for optical components, where small packaging is a priority. These micro sleeves provide the known reliability of Fujikura sleeves in the smallest possible lengths. This easy and cost effective method is a great alternative to recoating.

Splice protection sleeves, series offer a wide range of options to accommodate various coating sizes, and are manufactured in a variety of lengths. This gives great flexibility in designing optical modules.

Fiber Protection Sleeve is specially designed crosslinked polyolefin heat shrink tubing material for optical fiber splicing fiber-optic network of contacts protection.

Former shrink, transparent outer layer to facilitate the detection fiber optic splice bits connections are correct, the fiber can be assembled easily and securely, and to provide protection, after contraction of holding the optical transmission characteristics of the fiber, the fiber joints provides strength and protection

Splice protection sleeves, Sealing structure makes the connection with good resistance to temperature, humidity and convenient performance, operation, reliable performance, to avoid damage during installation of the fiber. Guarantee good optical transmission properties.


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