Suspension disc insulator

Suspension disc insulator is normally used for transmission and distribution power lines in insulator strings for any voltage levels. They can be designed in different types of polluted zone and mechanical strength.

Suspension disc insulator

The specifications of Suspension disc insulator
◆ Types: normal and anti-fog type
◆ Mechanical strength: upto 530kn
◆ Creepage distance: upto 690mm
◆ End fittings type: ball & socket, Clevis & tongue, Y-clevis & eye
◆ Applications standards: ANSI, IEC, DIN etc.

The features of Suspension disc insulator
◆ Designed in disc form
◆ Used for any voltage depending on the number of units mounted in series
◆ Anti-fog insulator can be divided into bell type, double shed type, triple shed type and hat type
◆ Good mechanical and electrical properties

Suspension disc insulator are widely used transmission and distribution applications and designed in accordance with ANSI C29.2 and IEC 60350 standards.


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