Suspension insulator strings, insulator string

Orient Power manufactures new generation suspension insulator strings using the best silicon rubber available in the world. The suspension insulator strings has been designed to withstand an extensive range of weather vagaries and environmental conditions. We have the expertise and the technical know-how to design and manufacture insulators ranging from 11V to 400 KV voltage class. Our suspension insulator strings also thoroughly tested and have the distinction of successfully performing as per the rated capacity even in the toughest of environmental conditions of heavy pollution.

Suspension insulator strings, insulator string

Suspension insulator strings Good mechanical and electrical performance, light weight, easy installation. Suspension insulator strings consists of one or more parts permanently secured in a metal base and intended to be mounted rigidly on a supporting structure by means of a stud or bolts attached to the base.

Suspension insulator strings is to support the conductor and prevent current back to the ground. All of suspension insulator strings should not fail due to environmental and electrical conditions of the occurrence of various electrical and mechanical load, otherwise suspension insulator strings will not produce a significant role, and will directly harm the use and operation of the entire line and working lifespan.

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