Suspension insulators transmission line

Suspension insulators transmission line required by ANSI or IEC Specification shall be constructed using a central member or “core” of solid high density, axially aligned, glass-fibre-reinforced, epoxy resin rod, of uniform cross-section to form the mechanical load bearing component of the insulator. The core shall be free of cracks and voids.

composite Suspension insulator

Conventional design suspension insulators transmission line
• Silicone shed housing is injection molded onto and bonded to the FRP rod core
• Ductile iron end fitting are crimped to the fiberglass core in a tightly controlled process that ensures predictable tensile strength
• Unique multi-level sealing process
• Multiple fitting options available

Application engineering expertise for suspension insulators transmission line is available including design assistance, verification of mechanical performance using state of the art Finite Element Analysis, and electrical modeling capabilities including e-field modeling to verify the effectiveness of corona mitigation design. A complete range of transmission hardware for suspension insulators transmission line options are available. Orient Power provides a single catalog number and drawing for each insulator assembly to ensure efficient and accurate engineering and procurement.

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