Suspension type insulator images

Suspension type insulator images include suspension insulator drawings and itself picture, we can learn the suspension type insulator in the light of suspension type insulator images.

Suspension type insulator images
Look outside, we will found the overhead line with the insulator. we learn the suspension insulator for high voltage can be observed by different angle. Suspension insulators consist of a series of alternately insulators and metal parts, which bind each insulator to the next.

disk-shape insulator              porcelain disc suspension insulator

What is the suspension insulator?
The disk-shaped insulators domestic, also known as disk-shaped suspension type insulators, simply known as suspension insulators, is the most commonly used and the most important one line insulator. For rated voltages above 1000V, frequency does not exceed 100Hz ac overhead power lines, substations and electric railway catenary used for insulation and fixed wire. As the follow show the disk-shape insulators.

Suspension type insulator is made of porcelain, composite and glass and so on. Suspension Insulator can be called porcelain suspension insulator, composite suspension insulator and glass suspension insulator. You can learn more knowledge by Orient Power suspension insulator website.

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