Suspension type insulators manufacturers

As one of professional suspension type insulators manufacturers, Orient Power provides high quality suspension insulators and deadend insulators with better performance.

Suspension type insulator

Compared with Suspension type insulators manufacturers, Orient suspension type insulators performance:
◆ Leakage Distance. Composite suspension insulator feature high leakage distance for optimum contamination performance.
◆ Washing of the composite suspension insulators may be required based on the contamination level of the installation location.
◆ Composite suspension insulators meet the latest ANSI/IEEE-1024 and IEC-61109 standards.
◆ Orient Power’s manufacturing facilities have implemented a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001-2008.
◆ The Specified Mechanical Load: 70KN, 100KN, 120KN, 160KN, 210KN or 300KN.

All Suspension type insulators manufacturers do insulator tests to ensure the quality of insulator.  

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