Suspension type insulators suppliers

Orient power is one of leading suspension type insulators suppliers, can produce suspension type insulators and dead end insulator made by porcelain and polymer materials.

Suspension type insulator

Dead end insulator is one main of used for overhead transmission and distribution lines with high quality and good electrical properties made by silicone rubber.

As one main of Suspension type insulators produced by Orient Suspension type insulators supplier, according to dead end insulator can be divided into
15KV composite dead end insulator
◆ 25/28KV composite deadend insulators
◆ 35KV composite deadend insulator
◆ 46KV composite deadend insulator
◆ 52KV composite deadend insulator
69KV composite deadend insulator

The main materials of Suspension type insulators supplied by Orient Suspension type insulators supplier
◆ Silicone rubber
◆ Stainless steel
◆ FRP core

Orient power is one of professional Suspension type insulators suppliers, mainly produce suspension insulator, strain insulator and dead end insulator.

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