T & D porcelain disc suspension insulator

T & D porcelain disc suspension insulator can use on overhead transmission and distribution power line, which is manufactured by Orient Power and with creepage distance 432mm.

T & D porcelain disc suspension insulator body:
T & D porcelain disc suspension insulator voltage ranges have 10KV, 35KV, 66KV, 69KV, 110KV, 220KV, 330KV, 400KV, 500KV. Sand bands bonded to the porcelain by glaze provide a rough surface for permanently attaching the hardware and distributing loading evenly through the porcelain. The high strength compression sand is manufactured by orient Power insulators to match the characteristics of the porcelain body.

T & D porcelain disc suspension insulator                 porcelain suspension insulator

T & D porcelain disc suspension insulator tests:
Orient Power transmission and distribution porcelain disc suspension insulators are constructed of high quality electrical grade porcelain. Each porcelain body receives a series of electrical tests prior to assembly. 100% of all bodies are subjected to high frequency puncture tests thereby insuring soundness and performance prior to assembly. This same test, in addition to other prescribed ANSI tests, is performed once again after assembly insuring the integrity of the porcelain and the assembled product.

As a suspension insulator supplier, manufacturer and exporter, Orient Power can produce all kinds of porcelain insulators and composite insulators, the insulator will become your better choice.

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