Transmission line suspension insulator

Transmission line suspension insulator, usually mean the ceramic suspension insulator and composite suspension insulator, often use by insulator string in the transmission line. Transmission line suspension insulator can adapt to different voltage, the voltage range can from 10kv to1000kv.

How about the application for transmission line suspension insulator?
Transmission line suspension insulator is an assembly of one or more shells with metallic fittings, and the end fittings have socket and ball, clevis and tongue.
Transmission line suspension insulator usually connect the suspension insulators together one by one, the insulator string have suspension insulator string and tension insulator string.

porcelain suspension insulator               composite suspension insulator

The classification for Ceramic or porcelain transmission line suspension insulator
Porcelain transmission line suspension insulator can be divided as per it standard.
ANSI series main types are :ANSI52-1, 52-2,52-3,52-4,52-5,52-6,52-8,52-9A
IEC60383main types are : U70BS,U70BL,U70C,U100BL,U120B,U160BS,U210B,U300B,U530B,XHP-70,XHP-120

Features for composite transmission line suspension insulator:
1. High mechanical strength.
2. Good resistance to flashover.
3. Small volume and light weight.
4. Easy to clean and installation.

As composite and porcelain suspension insulator can be made to different voltages, so it widely used in the transmission line and distribution line .Orient power can supply kinds of suspension insulators, also can do the design as per customer requirements .Welcome to contact us for more information.

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