Why are suspension insulators preferred for high voltage power transmission?

The overhead line conductors should be supported on the poles or towers, such as suspension insulators are generally used on high voltage power transmission overhead lines for supporting and insulating.

suspension insulators

The line conductors must be properly insulated from supports. The insulators provide necessary insulation between line conductors and supports and thus prevent any leakage current from conductors to earth.

Compared to other insulators, disc suspension insulators preferred for high voltage power transmission lines having some advantages
◆ The cost of pin type insulator increases rapidly as the working voltage is increased. Therefore, this type of insulator is economical beyond 33kv
◆ For high voltage, disc suspension insulators consist of a number of porcelain discs connected in series by metal links in the form of a string.
◆ Each disc insulator is designed for low voltage, say 11kv. Small volume, lightweight.
◆ Depending upon the working voltage, the desired number of discs can be connected in series
◆ If any one disc is damaged, the whole string does not become useless because the damaged disc can be replace by the sound one
◆ The suspension arrangement provides greater flexibility to the line.
◆ The suspension type insulators are generally used with steel towers. As the conductors run below the earthed cross-arm of the tower, therefore, this arrangement provides partial protection from lightning.

Suspension insulator string operating voltage is affected by the number of discs. Used on high voltage power transmission can easy to install. After manufacturing the disc insulator is also easy to transportation.


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