Ceramic suspension insulator, anti-pollution U70BS ceramic suspension insulator

Ceramic suspension insulator can be divided into common suspension insulator and anti-pollution suspension insulator according to pollution status of enviroment. Anti –pollution U70BS ceramic suspension insulator has long term life.
As the name suggests, the suspension type insulators are mounted on the cross-arm on the pole. There is a groove on the upper end of the insulator. The conductor passes through this groove and is tied to the insulator with annealed wire of the same material as the conductor. Suspension insulators are used for transmission and distribution of electric power at voltages up to 1000 kV.

anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator                         U70BS ceramic suspension insulator
anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator          U70BS ceramic suspension insulator   

IEC U70BS ceramic disc insulator parameters:

Insulator technical description unit value
Unit spacing H mm 127
Dia.D mm 255
Leakage distance mm 295
Rated E&M failing load KN 70
Routine tension load KN 35
Impact failing load N.m 6
Wet power freq. withstand voltage KV 40
Lightning impluse withstand voltage KV 100
RIV Test voltage to ground KV 10
Power freq.Puncture voltage KV 110

U70BS Ceramic suspension insulator is one type of ceramic suspension insulator. Different types of ceramic suspension insulators are mainly distinguished by end fitting types.

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